Successful case: recruiting a Regional Director based in Shanghai for a start-up retailer

The Client

Our client is a start-up retailer with online and offline stores across China.


The client was looking for a Regional Director based in Shanghai. The candidate would need to travel frequently to manage the offline stores throughout China. Candidate should have experience in a relevant industry, with strong knowledge of the region and good project management skills.


Gemini’s consultant conducted an extensive search after understanding the client’s needs via different recruitment channels, such as Liepin as well as Gemini’s database. During the research and selection, Gemini’s consultant discovered a discrepancy between the client’s requirements and the salary package they were willing to offer. Advising the client to either adapt the salary package to market rate or accept candidates with less experience, Gemini’s consultant was able to act as a partner for the client and truly add value to their hiring process.

Several candidates with relevant experience were recommended by our consultant and were interviewed by the hiring manager. One of them passed the final interview and accepted the client’s offer.

The result

The selected candidate chose our client’s company after thorough consideration. The relationship between Gemini and the client was strengthened. We placed another candidate with the client afterwards.


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