Successful case:  Recruiting a Chief Marketing Officer for a technology start-up company


The Client

Our client is a technology start-up  and with business operations in HK & US. The company’s management was mainly from Investment field, they don’t have much field experience in the particular area in technology industry.


The Challenge

  • At client side, the service is planned to be launched in the Jan 2019. However, they were still in the process of finding the right person to sit the Sales and BD position in mid of 2018, which was 4 months behind schedule. They needed someone in place asap.
  • At our side, the JD provided by the client was simple; it seemed to be a middle level role. However, according to my understanding of the client and their development status, they should need a much more senior level candidate to help to formulate plans /build the business.
  • On candidate sourcing, since the client’s business nature is niche, there are only limited candidates available in the market with relevant experience and exposure
  • When entering into the interview /offer stages:
  • Whether the interview strategy would make an impact on the interview to convince/impress the interviewers – the chairman, the board and the business founders
  • Whether the Board of the client’s company would approve the business plan and the new title, and the headcounts as proposed by the candidate , and also the 3 months buy-out fee.
  • Whether the candidate’s existing company would release him and allow him to join its competitor company


The Solution

  • Discussed with the client on the job roles and the major upfront tasks involved to define the level and scope of the job role, then based on the findings to rewrite the JD to correctly reflect the right sets of requirements
  • Conducted in-depth researches on the industry and the specific technology domain to determine what kinds of skills sets, experiences and candidate’s calibres would fit into the role.
  • Identified /shortlisted/interviewed a few qualified targeted candidates from different sources and selected the most relevant one for presenting to the client
  • Prepared the candidate for the interview by providing the latest updates /detail information on  the customer’s current business situation  /planning
  • Give advices /guidance /work closely with the candidate on the interview strategy to be adopted; helped him to initiate /prepare a business plan with researched details/strategies /action plans/resource requirements for presenting in the interview
  • The candidate has made an effort in convincing his existing employer to let him go immediately


The Result

The candidate has won the job with the joint efforts made by both of himself and Gemini Consultant, and got the title of Chief Marketing Officer he wanted.  The relationship between Gemini and the client was strengthened and we became the client preferred recruitment partner.

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