Successful Case: Recruiting a technical writer for a British technology company

The client

A British technology company that focuses on large-scale simulations in the cloud. Its HQ is in London and the organisation currently is setting up offices in China.

The challenge

The client was looking for an experienced Chinese/English Technical Writer that would be willing to relocate to their London office. Technical writing has a short history in China, therefore it would be a challenge for Gemini’s consultants to find suitable candidates for the position.

The solution

Since writers have relatively more visibility online, Gemini’s consultant searched for articles online and got in touch with some of the writers whose work was published on well-known media platforms.

The consultant found a candidate who had worked for a famous multi-national internet company before moving to one of the large domestic internet companies. The consultant connected the candidate and the client and the candidate went through three different stages in the selection process. First there was a written test, followed by a telephone interview with the client, and finally the candidate flew to London for an interview with the China CEO.

After the candidate finalised the whole selection process the client informed Gemini’s consultants of a positive outcome and that they decided that the candidate was the right person for the position.

The result

Since the packages in Europe and China are compiled in a different way, Gemini’s consultant assisted both parties when the package was negotiated, resulting in an accepted offer by the candidate within a week. After the UK visa for the candidate had been processed, the candidate commenced employment in the London HQ.

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