Gemini & MyTalent join forces!

We are pleased to announce the new business partnership between Gemini Personnel and MyTalent. Together we aim to service our clients even better on a local and regional level.

MyTalent is part of MyWork, a recruitment ecosystem founded by ISS Vietnam (other brands that are part of the ecosystem are MyEdu and MyUni). MyTalent provides Executive Search solutions to clients and candidates from its offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. MyTalent is part of a larger technology-driven recruitment ecosystem, leading to an extensive database of candidates and clients in a variety of industries.

To share a bit more about MyTalent Mr. Tony Tran, Head of Business Development, answered a few questions:

Q1: How and when did MyTalent start?
“MyTalent was first lauched in November 2017, when we opened our office in Hanoi, Vietnam. Soon after, in April 2018, a second office in Ho Chi Minh City followed.”

Q2: Why a partnership with Gemini Personnel?
“It’s a unique opportunity for both companies to support their clients even better on a local level, but more importantly on a regional level because we can provide support in other countries than where our offices are. Furthermore, a partnership gives you the opportunity to learn from each other through sharing knowledge and experience. For MyTalent, which is a relatively young brand, working with a well-established company like Gemini Personnel means that we can learn from their long experience in the recruitment industry. On the other hand, for Gemini Personnel working closely together with a local Vietnamese company will increase knowledge of the Vietnamese labour market and recruitment needs.”

Q3: What do you see as the main challenges for Gemini & MyTalent?
“Like in any new friendship, the most important thing is getting to know each other. We are working on an introduction programme, in order for all our consultants to get familiar with each other and start working as one team. The main challenge for now is of course that we have to spread the word on this new partnership and start building common business.”

Q4: What are the plans for Gemini and MyTalent in 2019?
“Like I mentioned in the previous answer, we are now working hard on introductions within both organisations. In line with that we are working on standard operating procedures and work flows to ensure speedy and high quality support to our clients. For the first quarter in 2019 the main objective is to achieve the first successful shared placements in either Vietnam or somewhere else in the region.”

Looking for more information? Send an email to or


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