Case study: work and residence permits in Shanghai

For one of our clients in Shanghai, we identified issues related to applying for work and residence permits and provided them with relevant solutions.


Our client is an innovative company that produces and sells chocolate. They produce fair trade products by tracing the physical origin of all of theraw materials they use. At their location in Shanghai, 185 people are producing fair trade chocolate every day, from raw cocoa beans to finished chocolate bars.


The client was looking for additional assistance with applying for work and residence permits for their employees.


After Gemini received the assignment, our consultants in Shanghai started gathering all required documents, for both work and residence permits. We prepared all documentation and submitted all documents to the Immigration Department. We were responsible for the follow-up status and reported feedback to the client on a weekly basis.

One of the issues we faced was that the Immigration Department informed us that the required visas were not available at the moment. We quickly stepped in and called the Immigration Department to find that different officers had different requirements. By figuring out what this specific officer needed, we were able to get the visas.


One of the outcomes was that the Immigration Department informed us that in the future they would need more time and preparation to be able to grant the visas. However, in this case, we made sure that our client got their visas on time.

Do you also have questions regarding visa applications or work permits?

J.M Gemini provides your company with possibilities to outsource your visa and work permit services. Send an email to for more information!

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